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School News

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to share with you the importance of Teamwork. In some of our assemblies, we have thought about and discussed how working as part of a team can make things easier and make people feel like they have the support they need.

Staying at home with your family and keeping safe means that you are working as part of a team. The whole world at the moment is one big team and it needs every country to be part of that team. The more we work together the quicker we can get back to normal. In school we use teamwork lots in lessons and at playtime to help each other learn and play. At home teamwork can feel a bit different. You could be helping your adults with cleaning, cooking and tidying. If you work as a team, the jobs get done quicker and then you can have more time playing, being creative or relaxing. To help you think about this, I would like you to try one of the following.

1. Make a Teamwork poster to display in your home 2. Write an acrostic poem about Teamwork 3. Make something together and send me a picture of what you made as a team.

Don't forget to send them to me and I'll add them to the gallery for Friday.

Take care everyone, keep smiling, being kind and see you all soon!

Mr Edmunds


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