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Admissions Arrangements  


The intended admissions limit for the school is 90 pupils (from September 2015).


If the number of pupils seeking admission to the school exceeds the number of places available, then the LA will award places based on the following order of priority:


  • Children with a statement of special educational needs (SEN)

  • Children who are in the care of the authority

  • Children where there are specific medical or social circumstances that

    can only be met by the child’s attendance at the preferred school

  • If a child has siblings who attend the school or associated Junior School

  • Religious reasons (not applicable to Westacre Infants)

  • How close the child lives to the school


Parents have the right to appeal against any decision made by the LA.


Admission to Nursery is based upon the age of the child. Children can be admitted following their third birthday. However, attendance at Westacre Nursery doesn’t automatically guarantee a school place. Parents will receive request forms from the LA during the year before a child is due to start full time school and allocation will be awarded using the criteria given above.


Reception children are admitted in the Autumn term in a single intake.


For school admissions information and to apply for a place for your child please visit the local authority website:

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