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School News

Monday 30th March 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed what seemed like a very long weekend. We had more children in school today and they have been enjoying the activities that the teachers have planned.

They've been doing lots of PE with the Body Coach and the teachers and children have been really creative. I'll take some photographs as soon as I can to show you.

I discovered something the weekend that you have to try!

1. Using a mobile phone, go into Google Browser (not the app), type in Lion and click search .

2. Scroll down and click view in 3D.

3. Then click, view in your space and go looking for the lion in the room.

My next challenge for you is see how many different animals you can find. We've tried lots and you cant find them all. I want you then to choose your favourite animal that you find, draw them and then if you can write down 5 interesting facts about them. Ask your parents to send a picture of it to the school email address and I'll put it on here for everyone to see.

Have fun, keep smiling and see you all soon!

Mr Edmunds.


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