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School News

Friday 27th March 2020

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive well done and to tell the children that have been attending school just how proud I am of you.

Things have been strange this week and there's a lot of sadness around the world. Do not underestimate as children the joy and happiness you bring to your families and teachers. Find time to play, be creative, be silly and be kind. Your adults need you just as much as you need them and knowing that you're happy will make them happy!

You all know our values of Friendship, Honesty, Kindness, Teamwork, Perseverance and Respect. Over the next few weeks and months these values are going to be so important for everyone. Last night the whole of the nation demonstrated these values by clapping for our Doctors, Nurses and all the key workers that are helping so many people. We will get through this together as a school community!

I promise you that when we are back at school we will have the best party!

I will continue updating you next week and setting you some new challenges. If you're family don't mind, send me some pictures or videos of how your getting on with the challenges and we can share them on our website.

Take the very best of care and see you all soon!

From Mr Edmunds and family!


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