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Friday 3rd April 2020 Teacher Messages

Hello everyone, I hope your OK and looking forward to the good weather that is forecast.

I have asked the teachers to write you a message because we want you to know that we are thinking about you all and can't wait to see you!

We are all very proud of you for staying safe and being brave!

Take care,

Mr Edmunds

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you're all having an amazing time with your mummies and daddies, having lots of fun and learning new things! I cant wait to hear all about it.

Have you taught your mummies and daddies the crocodile song yet?

Miss Price and the other teachers are missing all of your beautiful faces lots and we can't wait to play hide and seek and have lots of fun again soon. I hope the Easter bunny remembers to drop some eggs off for you.

Remember to keep being good!!

Sending you all a big squeeze and magic dust your way.

Love Miss Price , Mrs Ganger and all the Nursery teachers. xx

Crocodile Song

See the slippery crocodile


Swimming down the River Nile


See him open his big mouth wide


See the little fish swim inside!


Dear children

I hope you are staying safe and being good for your grown-ups. No doubt you are keeping busy and playing lots of games at home.

I wish you all a very happy Easter holidays and enjoy eating all your chocolate eggs.

Perhaps you could draw or paint some pictures of them.

Lots of good wishes.

Love Miss Burrows and Mrs Dugmore x

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping busy. The past two weeks have been very strange for all of us with us not being at school. We have certainly missed seeing you and we are sure you have been missing your friends.

We don’t know when we will be together again in class, but remember there are lots of things to keep you busy at home. We know that you are good at drawing and painting, making models, adding and taking away, writing stories and lists and reading. You can also play games with your family, do some cooking and even den building (inside or outside). Take some pictures of your dens to show your friends when we get back to school. Remember Education City has lots of activities for you too.

It will soon be Easter, so perhaps you could make your family a card or design a special egg. We hope the Easter Bunny brings an egg for you all!

We look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able to be back at school, but until then please take care of yourselves and enjoy spending this extra time with your family.


Mrs Bryant, Mrs Smith and Mrs Corfield

To all my superstars

I hope you are having lots of fun with your family, playing board games, jigsaws, baking, playing in the garden, junk modelling, drawing, and listening to stories. (I do know how you all love listening to stories especially when I use silly voices)

Please remember to read every day and continue to practice writing sentences, lists and stories. I would also be very pleased if you could do some adding up and taking away. I hope your sticker charts are full of stickers by now!

I’m sure you are all being kind and helpful at home and keeping your bedrooms tidy. Make sure you are going to bed early after your bedtime story.

I have been very busy at home and at school. I have been baking (as you all know how much I love cake) I have been painting my garden fence with the help of a little robin who keeps on visiting my garden and singing to me. I’ve been keeping fit with Joe Wicks too and eating lots of mini eggs. (You know how much I love mini eggs).

Here are some brain teasers to get you thinking:

What has hands but can’t clap?

What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?

What gets wetter when drying?

Enjoy your Easter eggs (don’t eat them all in one go!)

See you all soon. Be good.

Love From

Miss. Cooper, Miss Gorton and Mrs Kyriakou xxxxx

Hello everyone! 😃

I hope you are having a lovely time doing lots of things with your families.

I'm trying very hard to do my exercises every day and I expect you are too,

so maybe I'll be able to give you a wave if I see you on one of my walks.

If you have made colourful rainbows to put in your windows l will look out for those too.

I'm sending you all a big smile and look forward to seeing your happy faces

and hearing all of your news.

Try your best with everything you do, have fun, be kind and keep smiling!

With Love from Mrs Lane and Mrs Thompson x

Hello children!

It’s springtime and the birds are singing. 🐦 I hope you are all well and happy. 😊 Enjoy this time with your families. Bake a cake, 🧁 plant a seed, 🌱 learn to juggle, 🏀 play games and be kind. ❤️ If you go for a walk, look out for the rainbows in people’s houses. 🌈 Maybe you could paint one? I bet some of you have already! 🎨

I’d like to wish you all a very happy Easter! 🐣

Take care now and remember to keep washing your hands!


Mrs Smith year 1 xxx

Dear children

I want you to know that I'm thinking of you and hope you are finding interesting things to do. Read lots of books and play some games with your family.

Have you noticed any more signs of Spring?

I have been looking after our bean seeds which are now tall plants! I have measured the sunflowers and the tallest plant is 12cm - I think it's growing faster than you!

Be good for your grown-ups and happy Easter to you and your family.

Love from

Mrs Darcy and Mrs Hickman

To my class

I hope you are well. I know things right now are very strange. Things are a little bit topsy turvy but that's ok because you are all brave, smart and wonderful. I hope you are using this time to have some fun with your families. It's ok not to do too much work and instead read, paint, draw, play in the garden if you can and make memories. It is super important to keep your brains busy so do what you can and set yourself challenges. I am missing you all of course. I'm missing our chats and the fun we had every day in our class. I'm missing our Happy Friday Dance I will be doing it with Shian and Ollie every Friday at 10am so I hope you do it to. Most importantly I am looking forward to seeing you again. I would love it if you could write me a letter for when we get back or maybe draw me a picture. Until then keep safe. Wash your hands and stay inside. See you soon.

Love from

Mrs Frost and Mrs Edwards

Hello everyone,

It’s Mrs Maguire here. I have been thinking a lot about you all and hoping that you are keeping safe.

Well I have been trying to keep busy, tidying up my garden and house. I am missing my family and friends a lot, I cannot see my mum and sister, so I talk to them on the phone. My little dog Buttons is enjoying all the attention and the daily walks but she is missing the peace and quiet she normally gets when we are all at work.

I am trying to read lots of my favourite books again. I hope you are all still trying to practice your reading and doing a little bit of school work. I also hope you are being good for your grown-ups and helping out at home.

We will all be back to school again soon and then you can tell me all your news.

I wish you and your families a happy Easter. KEEP SMILING children I will see you all again very soon .

God Bless


Hi everyone, Mrs Pearson here!

I just wanted to say that I hope you’re all ok and having a nice time at home with your families. I’m at home with my family and we’re busy finding lots of things to do. I’m not sure that Atticus is enjoying us being at home though. He keeps hiding away in my wardrobe for some peace and quiet!!

Even though I’m not at school with you, I’m still being a teacher; I’m helping Billy with his school work. It’s a little bit strange but we’re having plenty of playtimes! His Maths and Science work is very hard too and I would much rather be teaching all of you!!

I hope that you’re all doing a little bit of Maths, maybe some story writing, and reading lots of different books. But don’t forget to do lots of nice things too, like playing games, baking, drawing lovely pictures, and maybe even helping your grown-ups around the house!! Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and exercise too, especially as the weather is quite nice at the moment. I’m doing one of my favourite things every day……running! And we LOVE PE with Joe Wicks in our house. Maybe you’re doing that too? Get your grown-ups to join in if you are!!

I do hope that it won’t be long before we shall see each other again. Take care of yourselves and everyone in your house, and try to be good for your grown-ups because I’m sure they are finding things a little different too.

See you soon!!!

Mrs Pearson and Mrs Curtis

P.S To’ The Best Eco Team’

School is looking very pretty at the moment. Even though you’re at home, we can still think about our environment. Watch the birds in your garden, help recycle, maybe plant some seeds, and look out for signs of Spring!

Hello all, it’s Miss Phillips here!

I am just writing to say that I hope you are all doing ok and making the most of the time at home with your family. I’m at home too with my family trying to keep busy such as doing exercise or taking the dog a walk and taking up a new hobby of learning new skills. Maybe you could help out your grown ups by joining with different jobs around the house like cleaning, gardening, cooking and exercising together. You are not alone as Miss Phillips has also got a new hobby and has been learning to cook new dishes.

I know this situation that we are in isn’t ideal but I do hope that you are still keeping on top of all the hardwork that you have been putting in up to this point. You are all motivated in learning so keep this going by doing different activities at home relating to measuring in scales or jugs, showing off your BRITE writing skills to your grown ups or building different styles of boats. When we meet again it would be amazing for me to see the hard work that you have put in. Remember the message in the song ‘Try Everything’ that we loved to sing in PSHE, maybe put this on at home.

I am grateful for all the memories that we have shared together already in this school year and I hope that through whatever the rest of our year looks like, we can make more together. Every one of you were the reason my days were filled with smiles and laughter. I am so glad to be your teacher and have you as my year 2 class for the first time at Westacres. I loved creating fun and engaging experiences for us to enjoy together. This is not the end of our Westacre story together. I look forward to being with you all again and we will definitely celebrate together.

See you all very soon!

Miss Phillips

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the time you are spending with your family. Maybe you have been showing your parents all the amazing skills you have learned at school or maybe you have learned something fantastic to teach me when we get back to our classroom. However

you are choosing to spend your time, I hope you are remembering the three most important things: be helpful to your parents, be kind to your brothers and sisters and keep smiling. I know it’s a really weird time at the moment but remember it will all get back to normal again and when it does we will have a BIG party in Golden Time with cake!

I’ve really missed being your teacher over the last couple of weeks, but I have been keeping myself busy looking after my own children, Stan and George, spending time with my dog Bella and reading lots of books. Remember, books can take you anywhere so if you need a change in scenery or if you’re itching for an adventure, find a quiet spot with a good book and let your imagination fly!

Have a wonderful Easter.

Take care,

Mrs Taylor xx


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